Short Term & Long Term Storage Options

  • Our 55,000 sq. ft warehouse storage facility provides you with options for long term and short term storage. You can rest assured that you will get a secured location to store your belongings.
  • We offer portable storage units that we can drop off for you to fill then we can either pick it up or leave it with you. 
  • All of our storage options are secure, convenient and easy to pack/unpack.
  • Our warehouse is equipped with security systems, fire alarms, 24/7 video monitoring.
  • Clean, organized, up-to-date and Military Certified warehouse to store and protect your belongings.
  • Our vaulted container system allows flexibility to pick things up by appointment during your relocation process.
  • Store all of your belongings or just a few of them, either way, we will provide the service best fit for you.

We load your belongings on-site into the mobile storage vault. This greatly reduces the chance for damaged or lost belongings because we decrease the number of times your items are handled.



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minneapolis portable storage containers

Portable Storage Containers

Do you need affordable short term storage solution? Need flexibility to pack and unpack your belongings? Do you want your container delivered and picked up from your location? Then our portable containers are the perfect storage solution for you!

Your container will be delivered directly to your home or business. You choose the delivery date and time. We'll make the arrangement to get it there upon request (You don't have to be present.).

Container Size
We offer 12', 16' and 20' containers to best fit your needs.

Fast Delivery
All it takes is one phone call and we will deliver or pick up your container.

Every container features strategically positioned tie-down rings throughout the container to easily secure your belongings.

Every container features translucent room, smooth walls and floor to make loading and packing your belongings easier.

*For local moves only, not available for interstate moves. Please call our local moving experts for details or get in touch.

Want customized storage solutions? Get in touch today!