Are you searching the best neighborhoods to live in the twin cities? While looking for a good neighborhood, you will have to take care of everything including crime mate, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, local amenities, transport, cost of living, and the job opportunities. If you are having difficulties choose the right place to live in, you can consider the following five.

Lowry Hill

This neighborhood is considered good from many perspectives. You will find educational institutions, lawyers, doctors, and other well-paid jobs in this area. In addition, you can expect arts scene and thriving restaurants. This place is perfect for the young and senior citizens. You will find both the entertaining and relaxing areas. It is also less expensive and is popular for being the family-friendly location. It has easy access to the many shops, good restaurants, and Lake Harriet.

St. Anthony Parkway

If you love the beauties of nature and art, then this place is made for you only. It is known as the heaven for the artists. You will find studios and galleries. You will love the eccentric mix of the old architecture, industrial areas, and beautiful condos. This place is famous for art and old architecture. The industrial area is small, but still, it is considered as the working- class neighborhood. It offers better facilities to the young aspirants. You will find students and professors. The houses are traditional and well-decorated.

West River Parkway

This area is popular for the small and beautiful bungalows. It is a residential area that has a huge number of well-maintained bungalows. Many of them are a short walk distance to the Mississippi River. It is also affordable. It has a friendly neighborhood with good restaurants. The airport is also located nearby. You might be distracted by the noise of the planes more often. Otherwise, it is considered a good place for the families.


If you are looking for the best place to live in, then you can consider this one. It has top homes with all the comforts, top schools, and top prices. It can be the ideal option for those who can afford it. It can offer you everything that you can expect from your dream home. You can expect doctors, corporate bigwigs, lawyers, and high-strivers in this place. The homes and lawns are well-decorated and well-maintained. If you are looking for a less expensive option with some better facilities, you can also consider Minnetonka.


If you have younger kids and you want to offer them the best education within your price, then you can consider this neighborhood. It has some of the best educational systems. Moreover, the living cost will be low and the crime rate is also less. This place is normally preferred by families with the kids for the security and low living cost. You will also have a lot of outdoor activities to do including skipping rocks, boating, and swimming.

These are some of the popular neighborhoods in the twin cities. You can go through the facilities to know which one can be the best living place for you.

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