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Is It Worth It To Hire A Moving Company To Move Locally?

Okay, so hiring a moving company when you are crossing a state line is a no-brainer, but what if you are just moving across town? Is it worth hiring a professional local moving company to haul your goods for you when you could hire a U-Haul and load it up yourself?

In some instances, the costs of getting a professional in to complete the move aren’t worth it. And, sometimes, like when it comes to your treasured collection of action figures, you don’t want to. But, before you negate the idea of getting in a pro completely, think about the following.


How Much Stuff You Have

Sure, you will need help with the bigger items like the sofas, and cupboards, etc. but what we are talking about here is the stuff that you can box up and carry yourself. Carrying a box isn’t all that hard anyway, is it?

No, the first box won’t be, but what about the fourth or fifth box? When you have a lot of stuff to move, the carrying becomes tedious.


How Many Trips Will You Need to Make?

You might think that you are saving money by loading up your car and driving the stuff yourself. But how much are you saving if you have to make several trips? How much longer is your move going to take as a result?


How Far Will You Have to Carry the Boxes?

Take it from someone who lived in a fourth-floor apartment, a box of books gets heavier with every step you take. And that was downstairs. If it had been upstairs, it would have been a whole lot worse.


The Safety Aspect

Another thing that few people consider is that it can be something of a safety hazard to drive with your backseat loaded with boxes. If you cannot see out of your back window, you could have serious problems.

Also, if your car is loaded up, it will be heavier than normal, which can affect the way it handles. If you hit someone else’s car or a person, what kind of liability could you be opening yourself up to?

When it comes to that, will your items be insured if they are out of the house?


Do You Have All the Right Gear?

It sounds funny to ask a question like that until the time comes for you to find thirty boxes, packing tape, etc. And, how will you protect the items that could get scratched during the move? Professional moving companies will often place a layer of blanketing over everything to ensure that it is covered.

Have you got enough blankets to cover most of your furniture?



It irks to pay more money than you absolutely have to when moving, but it does make sense to get movers for a local move if you want things done as quickly, easily and professionally as possible. A professional moving company has all the right equipment, personnel, and skills to make things go smoothly.

If there is a problem, they have insurance that will cover you. Is it really worth putting yourself through all that back-breaking work?

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