1. Al’s Breakfast 

Located at 413 14th Ave SE, Al’s Breakfast enjoys a large faithful fan following. In fact, there are only about 14 seats so you will need to show up in time to avoid waiting for a seat. An amazing thing about the place is that the regulars don’t seem to mind waiting – because the food is totally worth it. Blueberry pancakes sell the best here, but you will find plenty of variety to order from. The atmosphere at the place is what makes it stand apart from other restaurants in the same league, it’s fun, it’s flashy and there have been cases where people have broken out into songs. If you want to treat yourself to a great brunch and have fun at the same time, drive straight down to Al’s!


2. Maria’s Cafe

If you are someone who loves to have some veggie options for breakfast or brunch, Maria’s is the place to go. The staff is very friendly and they make it a point to process all orders as fast as they can without compromising on the quality. Live shows are a staple on weekends, so a brunch here will be a great start to your day. Don’t expect this to be an American dining experience when you walk in because it simply is not! There are a lot of exotic dishes and drinks to choose from, and sometimes the taste might not really impress you. But for someone who loves change and diverse cuisine, check out this cafe at 1113 E Franklin Ave.


3. Uptown Diner

If there was ever a restaurant that would make you feel at home, it’s the Uptown Diner. It’s almost an internet sensation, with loads of positive reviews and feedback. Minnesotan omelets, hash browns, and burgers are fan favorites here. You can even stroll in for late night grubs, there’s a decent bar attached – nothing fancy but enough to keep you entertained. Pricing is another thing that most diners will love here, there’s plenty of food to be had even if you’re on a budget. The Uptown Diner is located at 2548 Hennepin Ave. Expect to have your tummy filled as this place is known to provide large portions!


4. The Lowry

The Lowry might be a tad expensive on your pockets, but we believe that they are worth it. The cooking style and presentations were definitely well above the rest, while the taste was decent enough. The atmosphere is great and the waiters are super friendly – ordering food is really a breeze. You’ll love the Shirred eggs. Goofy patio seatings are sure to provide a unique experience to visitors. If you don’t manage to reserve your table, worry not as the staff is courteous enough to accommodate you quickly. The Lowry is located at 2112 Hennepin Ave.

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These are great places to eat before your big moving day with us!