Moving to a new home can be stressful, but with this home moving tips and tricks, you will be the master of your next move.


Create A Master List

The first thing you do before you move is create a master list. Make a list of everything that needs to be done and slowly make your way down the list.

Remember to keep in mind that some issues that are on the list could be time sensitive, so don’t forget to organize by urgency. You can also put your to-dos on a calendar which will help you to no forget specific items.


Use the Right Materials

Make sure that when you are packing that you are using the right materials.

Use small boxes for the heavier items and use packing tape on the boxes. Packing tape is heavy duty and will be able to handle the treatment of the boxes.

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Don’t Forget to Disconnect

Make sure that when you are preparing to move that you call all your companies, such as electric, water, wi-fi, and cable to transfer over or cancel the subscriptions so you are not paying for it.

These must be canceled or transferred at least a week ahead of time so that the provider has time to put it in the system.


Go Through Your Items

Go through your items before you pack them. You don’t want to pack and bring items you no longer use to your new home.

Make three piles while you are going through things like clothes and other items. One pile is what you will take with you to the new home, the second pile is a pile you are going to donate the items you no longer need and the third pile will be the items that are broken or too worn to donate, so they will be thrown out.


Label, Label, Label 

When you are packing, your boxes make sure that you are labeling everything. The best way to do this is to tape an index card to the top of each box, this way you can make a list of everything that you are putting in the box or you can just keep it general.


Moving Day!

Be prepared for moving day! If you are using professional movers make sure that you have everything prepared and ready for them. If you are packing and moving the boxes yourself make sure that you’ve picked the right day. If you have a flexible schedule look at the dates around the time you want to move and try to figure out which day would be cheapest and make for the easiest day to move.


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