Moving can be scary and stressful, especially if you don’t have time to pack for yourself. Figuring out which moving company to hire for your needs can be frightening because you don’t know who is going to properly take care of your items. Fortunately, we’ve gathered all the information you need to know how to avoid being taken advantage of by moving companies.

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Signs and Warnings

So, how can you figure out which companies are going to scam you or keep your items safe?

Make sure that you are paying attention to the “unbelievable deals.” The deals with a set price are what can be a scam. Many of these companies will try to charge you extra fees after they told you that it would be a set price. They can charge you for extra things like stairs, loading routes or have a certain number of items. But there is no paperwork, which is what causes them to easily scam you.

Another warning sign that a moving company is a scam is if they ask for the full payment up front or if they are asking for a large deposit. One way to make sure a deposit isn’t too large is getting quotes from multiple companies and comparing them.


How to Spot a Reputable Moving Company?

When looking for a reputable moving company, make sure that you are looking for companies that have reviews. You can check on Google or other websites like Angie’s List. A good company will have a set of reviews good and bad, but they will make sure that they are fixing the bad. Companies that have perfect reviews could be a bad company. Sometimes when all the reviews are good they could be unauthentic.


What Can You Do to Stay Protected?

Make sure that you are doing your research. When searching for companies, you will be able to see which is the best for you and which seem the most authentic.

Additionally, make sure that you are planning. Do not just pick a random company and move with them. When picking, a company look and see if you can arrange a visit onsite so that you can determine whether the company lives up to everything that you have been researching.


What Can You Do If You’ve Been Taken Advantage Of?

You may feel as if there is nothing that you can do when you have been taken advantage of already. Make sure you try to stay in contact with the company if possible. If any items have been lost or stolen make sure to create a list of them so that you can declare the value to all the items, lost or stolen.

If the company refuses to take any accountability for the issues, then contact the Better Business Bureau.


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